Fitness and Skill Levels

At Tasmania MTB Tours we strive to make sure that every single rider is booked onto the perfect trip for them. Over the years we’ve developed a simple and effective fitness and mtb skill grading system to help you decide which tour will be best for you.

We give grades for two different things:

1. Fitness level required
Mountain biking skill level required

Step 1. Read the fitness and skill levels required by each tour (this is the minimum requirement that you can expect to be pushed technically and/or physically at certain points throughout your mountain bike tour).

Step 2. To get a sense of what we mean by our skill and fitness levels, and to compare each one to see which best represents your mountain biking experience, below is our simple guide to our fitness and skill levels.

Fitness Levels (1-4)

1 – Basic fitness from exercise once or twice per week. Can ride on flat or gently rolling terrain at a steady pace. Usually have the stamina to spend 2-4 hours out on a ride.
2 – Moderate fitness from two or three sessions of exercise each week. Can ride hilly terrain at a steady pace.
3 – Good fitness from regular exercise sessions and time spent actively involved in cycling. Can ride full days in any terrain at a steady pace.
4 – Excellent fitness from regular training and a significant amount of time spent riding or racing. Can ride in any terrain at a demanding pace.

Skill Levels (A-D)

A – No experience of mountain biking or limited experience, mainly on gravel tracks or smooth trails, but can already cycle.
B – Can ride with confidence on gravel tracks and trails, over loose stones and some rough ground. May have some experience of man-made single-track trails.
C – Can ride over most normal terrain including steep, rough, narrow tracks with tree roots and other small obstacles forming part of the normal ride. Confident on all man-made single-track trails and will be able to ride most small drops/step-downs or other technical trail features.
D – Can ride over any terrain including very rocky, severe descents, 2+ foot high drop-offs and other more challenging trail features.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding fitness and mtb skill levels.